Monday, 21 December 2009

What is your impact on your world....?

I've been toying with this question for weeks now, what is my conscious intentional impact.... I thought I understood those words... and I do in my head and yet I don't actually 'get' the impact I am having, even now when I think about some real examples I am frowning! So, lets see if we can dig into this a bit more. What is the conscious intentional impact I am trying to have?

Wow, that's a great questions, I noticed that I let out a huge burst of air from my mouth when I typed those words. Now I know what my clients feel like when I ask them a really powerful question... it feels like I have just 'nailed' myself and now I notice that I want to stop typing for fear of what is coming next.

OK here we go, my intended impact is to awaken people to the possibilities life has to offer when we are conscious and choosing our actions, knowing that there could be both an intended and an unintended impact of those choices. I want people to be inspired by my journey, I want them to want some of what I have created for myself, for themselves. I think I am doing OK on this front and it makes me happy to know that I can put a tick in that box. So, what else?

Well, I want to empower my clients to take risks to know that it's safe and scary to do so and that experiencing that whole range of emotion is what it feels like to be alive! I want them to know that they don't have to live the life that they have settled for, they can start to create the life of their dreams, right now, starting in this new moment.

You know I have a very clever Gremlin, he can make things much more complicated than they need to be. Lets just go with the first question - What is my impact on my world?

Well I inspire my colleagues to create the lives they want to live, I inspire coaches to take risks in order to be the best coach they can be, I am real, I am whole and I am broken all at the same time. So, my impact is Authentic, I do some great things and I mess up too, I don't have to try to hard to get things right all the time.... I have let go, I have chilled out and I have a lot of fun these days too. So, I guess the impact on my work colleagues is that they do see a transformation in me, at least the ones that have known me before I started my own personal journey of self discovery and awareness. That's a pretty cool impact!

Those that haven't known me during my own personal journey, I'd like to think that they see someone who had lived a life with many experiences and who has chosen the one that makes her happy and fulfilled, even if being happy and fulfilled is not easy! That's it, the impact I am having is that I show people it is possible to live the life of their dreams, if they have the courage to open their hearts, even if that means being rejected, in order to be fulfilled!

Wow, I got there in the end, and I know this is important and deep work for me because I am moved by that last discovery. I love my work!

OK So, as we move into 2010 what are the things I am choosing?
I am choosing to invest in collaboration (personal and professional)
I am choosing to have a bigger impact on the Corporate world
I am choosing to harvest my existing work investments
I am choosing to let go a one particular self limiting belief that holds me back.

As we move towards 2010 what is it that you want that is
a) new in your life
b) already in your life and you want to have more impact
c) where do you want to reap the rewards from past investments
d) what is it you are intending to say no to, in order to make room for new things (a)

Be bold, be brave and know that the only thing that is getting in the way of the life of your dreams, is the life you have settled for!

Wishing you joy and happiness over the festive season.