Friday, 24 May 2013

What a great Metaphor nature can be......

Just a short post to share a little story with you....

I was gardening a few weeks ago, you know clearing flower pots and preparing for Spring and Summer planting.  I came across a pot which had Lilies in it, and was disappointed to see only one left.
When I looked closer I noticed that actually there were two Lilies in the pot but one of them had got itself caught under the rim of the pot and was growing sideways along the rim at a right angle.

The flower was strong and I could see how hard it had been pushing along that rim in the darkness, desperately looking for the light.  So, I did the best I could to release the flower from being trapped in the rim of the pot, of course, not wanting to damage it in anyway.  I eventually managed to release it, with a lot of care and attention, knowing that I couldn't release it without a few scrapes and scars.

As I look at the flower now, it is strong, twice as strong as the Lily that didn't get caught up and trapped in the rim of the pot.  It has a few scars on its leaves and a bend in its stem which is hardly visible.  I also notice that the new growth is beautiful and green and you would never know it had been trapped for that long, never knowing if it would get released.

I see the flowers starting to form and I know that they will be beautiful and bright and there will not be any sign of the history, that had this plant follow a path that it was never meant to take.

So, as I share this story with you, I am reminded of what a metaphor it is for my own life.  I was trapped for many years, in the belief that we were separate as human beings, in the belief that we are conditioned to compete, and living in a world that is fashioned in a way that people think they have to be significant and in order for that to be true, it has to be at someone else expense!  The belief that we had to separate ourselves in order to be number one and win... In a world where we get trained that wealth equals happiness, in a job that didn't show my talents, in a life that was not fulfilling, not really - I mean on the surface no one knew, except I knew, in my heart that there was more to life than that.

So, I pushed on in the dark, in the paradox of not knowing and really knowing that I could find the light.
Thanks to some very fine Gardeners, you know who you are, I managed to release myself from that trap, to stretch myself and to risk reaching for the light.  I got a few scars along the way, my bruises healed and my core got strong again. 

I found a world where co-operation is key, where we can learn from nature and the universe, after all it has been around a lot longer than we have! The basis of nature is co-operation and democracy, it is within our DNA, it is how we are made.

Nature teaches us to use only what we need, and to leave enough for others to survive, it teaches us that when one plant or animal dominates it usually leads to extinction.  Lets learn from the world around us, that we are living things, who are a part of nature and can collaborate and co-operate with nature and each other to ensure the survival of all.

My life is fulfilled and my direction and purpose is clear, my commitment is strong. Just like the Lily!
Keep your eye out for metaphor's that speak to you.