Wednesday, 29 April 2015

The Evolution of Humans, Society and Organisations is here ... are you ready?

What is so important about our evolution is that it is happening much more quickly than ever before. When I think about the time I undertook my coach training program, it was over 10 years ago now and I was one of very few 'Corporate' people who were even thinking about, Coaching, not only as a profession but more importantly the impact that Coaching skills could have on the relationships in our Work and personal lives.

This weekend was another classic example to me of how the Coaching profession has evolved.  Back in the early days we used to get 'enlightened' individuals or people 'in between' professions.  This weekend however I led a Fast Track Coach training course for CTI in London, it was full of professional people who wanted to combine the skills and ways of being Coach-like into their professions for the sake of creating a more human, humble, productive and profitable work environment.  We had Dentists, Doctors, a Pilot and many other professions. People at the 'top of their game', professionally and who were hungry to have more experience in this kind of work.  

The experience of this weekend in itself is an evolution and after reading the book Reinventing Organisations by Fredrick Laloux
it got me thinking about the evolution of society, the introduction of the internet and the move from Centralised Mainframe computers to completely distributed systems and then back to cloud, distributed authority with an agreed governance... and this is how organisations are moving.  When you combine this evolution with the evolution of human beings from Generations X (mainframe), Generation Y (distributed) to Generation Z (distributed authority) it all starts to make sense.

Looking at Rodgers Adoption (posted above)  and innovation curve put it all into perspective for me, in every part of society there are Innovators, Early adopters, Early Majority and so on.  Where are you on the scale of growth and innovation in your own work and life? As an employer, an employee, someone who works as a Coach, Leadership Trainer or in Organisational change we all need to be paying attention to our own evolution and the evolution of those around us. (see my last linkedin post on Generation Z if you want to see what kind of socially intelligent, flexible, emotionally aware people are about to join the workforce).

So, I am pointing you to check in with yourself, your organisation and your friends and family.  What are these new changes? How will they impact you? If all else fails order and read the book. These are exciting times and you owe it to yourself to be ready for the changes ahead....    Enjoy Rx