Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Conscious II and the 'ripples' we create.....

So, picking up from where I left off....

In order to have any idea of the ripples we are sending out we need to be conscious to what perspective we are in at any given time.  Are you aware of the perspective you are in?  Or do you just dive out of bed every morning and let the world get hold of you on the outside before you have gotten hold of yourself on the inside?

Most leaders in life have some kind of daily practice that helps them to get centered and grounded and intentional about their day, that is, before they jump into the doing of every day life.  I know for me personally it took me 10 years of personal development (moving towards consciousness) and 2 years of solid commitment to practice every day in order to have any chance of being conscious and aware of my ripples. 

Of course, the art is not to try hard at being conscious all of the time, the art is to notice when you have drifted off and just bring yourself back (or more puppy training as I referred to it in the last blog).

Are you living you life in a 'life affirming' way? with good intentions and trusting that (although you might not like everything it deals out) life is unfolding just the way it is meant to.  Life is just perfect as it is and we should avoid at all costs, being a perfectionist! That was what one of my teachers used to say to me....

So, lets start with Self,
What is your attitude towards yourself?
Are you kind and considerate of your feelings?
Do you nurture yourself?
Are you 'fair' in your internal dialogue?
Are you life affirming in your dealings with yourself?
Are you aware of your value system and the things that are important to you?
Do you have a vision of the life that you are creating for yourself?
Do you know what your purpose is?
Do you have goals that helping you to take steps towards it?
Do you know how to be in relationship with yourself and others?
Are you able to be present to the now and experience life in each moment?

Is the answer yes or no to these questions?

If yes, I'd imagine that life feels exciting and alive and that you can't wait to get out of bed in the morning. Your ripples will be positive and you'll generally be a joy to be around, you will be balanced in your work and life and you will work to live rather than the other way around.

You'll be in internally validated and you'll be playing to win. Although you may not win all the time you will not focus on your failures, you will take time to reflect and contemplate them, you will take the learning and you will put it in your pocket and move on, making sure that you appreciate the experiences and use the learning moving forwards.

You do not dwell on the past and regret things you can not change, you do not make bad things up about the future and frighten yourself to death based upon something you just 'made up'. You do not try and control others, you are not compliant either and you do not isolate yourself or separate yourself from others.  This would mean you are externally validated and are 'playing not to lose'.

What ripples are you sending out to the world, just by how you are being in relationship with yourself.  Are they positive, life affirming ripples of contentment and confidence that make others feel safe in your company?

Or are the ripples or command and control that feed your ego and make people feel threatened and insecure around you?  Are the ripples of dependency and insecurity where you ask for more than you need because you do not trust yourself or those around you?

How is your relationship with yourself and what ripples does it send out to those around you?

Enjoy being curious?  and be kind to yourself at the same time... no matter what you find.


Stephanie Smith Coaching said...

Thank you for this timely reminder Ronnie. It's drawn me back to being conscious of my ripples and the impact they have.

Ronnie Clifford (MCC, TLCC, CPCC) said...

Many Thanks for taking the time to comment Stephanie. Check out my previous blog on the journey to consciousness. Rx

jonny friedman said...

Great article Ronnie. There seems to be a big connection from here to mindfulness. Love your honesty with how challenging it is to notice your inner perspective without effort! Hope all is well btw!

Unknown said...

'Life is just perfect as it is and we should avoid at all costs, being a perfectionist!' I've been living that for the past 24 hours and it has been amazing! xxx

Ronnie Clifford (MCC, TLCC, CPCC) said...

Thank you both Jonny and Hannah for your comments - yes it is a stretch and it takes practice practice practice.... Loving you both for taking the time to have your voice be heard.
In deep gratitude and appreciation